Catfish to look out for and News Stories

Catfish using the name Nathanial Michael. This is the Finnish Politician Tom Packalén in the picture.

He is asking for phone numbers, emails and addresses.

An Edmond (USA) woman is speaking out, hoping you can learn from her misfortune that cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars. The FBI is now investigating the “Catfishing Scam” that started with a Facebook friend request back in August. Read her story here:

Edmond Widow Out Hundreds Of Thousands After Catfishing Scam

Backing up my post: Just a bit of fun or sexual abuse, Sean Sutton, of the National Crime Agency (NCA) discusses the rapid rise in online dating in initiated offences:

Random Killers look for victims via dating apps

Metro Teacher Falls For Soldier ‘Catfishing’ Scam

An Oklahoma City school teacher hopes you can learn from her after she was scammed. Read here.

Where has this guy been for the last decade!! Lee County Sheriff’s warns about new ‘romance scams’ Read here