Useful Websites




Yoti is a digital identity app that lets people easily swap personal details with each other. Every account is securely built and verified around a government issued passport or driving licence and personal biometrics-making it impossible to create fake profiles. This means you can be confident that the details your date to be shares, such as their name, age and photo, are all real. It’s the easiest way to confirm that you’re going to meet a catch and not a catfish. It takes a few minutes to create an account and just seconds to swap details with another person.

You can read about YOTI here!

‘Get safe online’ is the home of all things online safety! You can use the drop down menus to find which area you want advice on. It is a really comprehensive site and worth a look even if you are not currently experiencing trouble! You can find them here!


The Metropolitan police have a department called FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online). It’s the Metropolitan Police response to fraud and online crime. Working to a strict remit within FALCON, the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit (MPCCU) will tackle the most serious incidents of cyber crime. You can find their website here!





Tin Eye reverse image search is one of the tools to start your safety checks when online dating. It’s really simple to use. Simply save or screen grab the profile picture in question, crop any ‘extras’ from the outside then go to this site. You upload the image from your album and it searches to see if this image is held anywhere on the web. It will show you results if your  picture is within posts or websites world wide. This was my first discovery ‘after’ the event. Wish I had known then what I do know! You can find Tin Eye here… 

You can also use ‘Google reverse image search’