Your Story

Here is your chance, to share your story.

I am hoping to create a data base of ‘catfish’ where people can search alias’ and profile names to check for authenticity. Here we can share the names and supposed backgrounds of these individuals.

It just might mean we save someone the hurt we have been through.

Also, sharing how this happened and the tactics your catfish used may help someone else identify with a similar situation.

Those people that were brave enough to contact me privately to explain that this had happened to them too, were a great source of healing, like I was for them, reading my story in the paper. Sometimes knowing others have been through the same or a similar situation as you, can help to get through the trauma, or finally lay ghosts to rest.

If you would like to share your story, go the the get in touch page and let us know what happened to you and we can upload it to the site.